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5 Modern Artists To Inspire Your Next Work Of Art

5 Modern Artists To Inspire Your Next Work Of Art

When it comes to modern art, there are a number of great artists out there to look to for inspiration. The great thing about modern art is that it really gives you the freedom and creativity to express your self. Moreover, modern art also gives you the ability to really showcase your own individual style while also being appreciated for it.  Taking you past the canvas modern art incorporates all mediums and takes into account all your senses. So here are some modern artists you can look to for inspiration.

Look to these modern artists for inspiration.
Look to these modern artists for inspiration.

5: Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami’s work is a key figure in the international art scenes. His work centers on flowery art inspired by the vibrant manga scene. His work has been likened to Andy Warhol and is associated with the Japanese neo-pop movement. What is great about his work is that it stays very unique and cannot decidedly be pin downed to one art category.

4: Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville is a British painter and has recently become the most expensive women artist in today’s society. Her Painting, Propelled, sold for 12.4 million dollars. She specializes in the visual treatment of bodies such as nudes and voluptuous displays. She is definitely one to look to for inspiration when it comes to mastering the art of the human form, whether in painting or sculpted forms.

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3: David Hockney

Labeled today as the world’s most expensive living artist, the British painter David Hockney has become an omnipresent figure in the world of contemporary art. His artworks have been showcased in some of the greatest museums in the world such as the Tate, Center Pompidou, and the MET. His works showcase landscapes shown in a unique and inspiring way.

4: Yayoi Kusama

With her signature dots, Yayoi Kusama needs very little in terms of introduction. What makes her artwork so fascinating is the fact that it is a product of mental illness. Yayoi Kusama, since childhood, has experienced hallucinatory visions that inspire her artwork that goes beyond the canvas and really triggers all the senses.

5: Jeff Koons

Known as one of the most controversial figures in the world of art, Jeff Koons is known for his monumental artworks. This American artist is also seen as one of the most expensive artists. His approach to art has triggered a lot of criticism because he does not create his art himself. Rather he has studios work on them on his behalf. This makes many dismiss his credibility as an artist.

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