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5 Of The Best World’s Natural History Museum

There are certain natural history museum in the world where you can find the world’s best fossil treasures. Before spending money on your own stack, it would be better to visit the world’s best natural history museums once. Below you can go through five world’s best natural history museums where most people visit to enjoy. It is the perfect spot for all new fossil collectors.

Natural Science National Museum at Taiwan

Natural Science National Museum is based in Taichung, Taiwan. This museum is a normal-range museum which has some Pterosaur, Dyrosaurus phosphaticus, or Triceratops. When you will visit here, you will wonder how this museum comes under the world’s top museums. However, this museum has an amazing shop where you can discover the widest spectrum of casts and fossils. Those stacks include raptors, dinosaur eggs, mammoth, pterosaurs, smilodon, and also a life-sized T-Rex. These fossils are available at budget prices. Moreover, you can also collect sweet memories of this place when you will return back.

5 Best World’s Museums of Natural History
5 Best World’s Museums of Natural History

The American Natural History Museum at New York

The American natural history museum is a must-visit place for all. At this place, you can see a T-Rex that actually looks like the playful one in the movie. It is the best stop with huge collections of good fossils in the world and exhibited in the most actual form. You can encounter a sample of an Edmontosaurus annectens dinosaur with its actual skin texture. You can make your day here with a run through Central Park or shopping at Broadway. 

Field Museum at Chicago

Field Museum involves various fossil digs and carbon dating in the Midwest and beyond. This natural history museum is an ideal stop for all serious fossil collectors. It houses a very well-exhibited collection of interactive dinosaur specimens like other prehistoric giants and saber-teeth tigers. Fossil collectors can come across with the biggest and most popular fossils of all time. Also, marvel at the architectural works or have a boat ride throughout the city. 

The Natural History Museum at London

This natural history museum has a good variety of crystals like The Star of South Africa, The Devonshire Emerald, and many other dinosaur fossil skeletons. Other largest collections comprise the real Archaeopteryx fossil and complete Plesiosaur fossils. Never forget to traverse around the Portobello Market and stalls in Covent Garden when you visit here. 

5 Best World’s Museums of Natural History
5 Best World’s Museums of Natural History

The Western Australian Museum at Perth

Australian Natural History Museum features a spectrum of unique mammalian fossils like giant bears and sloths. There is even a good collection of crystals, minerals, and mammal bones. In fact, they focus on dinosaur fossils. Australia’s other flea markets sell reasonable fossils such as of belemnites or opalized ammonites. Above all, it offers fantastic long drives, nature, rest with wine, and beach. You can collect your own fossil shells on the beach and enjoy to the fullest.

These museums at distinct places have a lot to offer. You will find all the things unique at these spots. 

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