Inspiring Historical Libraries Around The World - Inspiring Historical Libraries Around The World -

Inspiring Historical Libraries Around The World

Libraries are a special place with all sorts of designs.

Inspiring historical libraries are probably some of the most unique and inspiring places a person can visit. Aside from housing a plethora of books to keep you company on your journey to finding adventure, they also tend to have breathtaking architectural designs. Libraries are a type of museum all their own, housing creative thoughts of authors for your enjoyment. When you think, library, you may think of a bland and boring setting, but that is not always the case. There are a great number of stunning and historic libraries in the world. If you are bookworm these places should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit.

Inspiring historical libraries feature stunning architectural designs.
Inspiring historical libraries feature stunning architectural designs.

Admont Abbey Library

The Admont Abbey Library in Austria is number one or the list of inspiring historical libraries for many reasons. This library was constructed in 1776 as it is absolutely astounding when it comes to beauty. Constructed in a Baroque architectural style by Joseph Hueber, it is decked with gold and white hues. This library is more than just a building, but a work of art. From the seven cupolas with ceilings decorated by Bartolomeo Altomonte’s frescos to Joseph Stammel’s “Four Last Things” sculptures this library house more than books. Your visit is sure to be a breathtaking one.

Minsk National Library

Considered to be one of the best libraries in the world, the Minsk National Library is an architectural feat. Shaped like a Rhombicuboctahedron it definitely showcases how far we have come in terms of architecture. Opened in 2006 this library is a staggering 22-story housing over 8 million items. Additionally, it houses the largest collection of Russian works in the entire world. The Minsk National Library is also a famous tourist destination that has a public observation deck and a lawn that can host public concerts.

Metal Bookmark Clip-On Accessory

While on the topic of books, why not grab yourself these reading necessities. These metal bookmark clip-ons are the perfect gift for any book lover. With its simple and convenient clip-on design, you will not have to worry about damaging the pages of your book. Additionally, its compact size takes up little space and prevents and deformation. Durable and lightweight, it will not tear easily. These bookmarks come in special designs sure to capture the book lover in you.

Stuttgart City Library

The Stuttgart City Library located in Germany is designed in a cube-like manner. It features a bright, five-story design more likened to a modern art gallery than a library. One of its most unique qualities is the upside-down pyramid of a reading hall. This one will definitely make it on your list of must-see libraries.

Designed in a cube-like manner, this library is one of a kind.
Designed in a cube-like manner, this library is one of a kind.

Mediatheque Sandro Penna

Located in Perugia, Italy the Mediatheque Sandro Penna resembles an alien spacecraft seeming to have crash-landed in the area. This library was completed in 2004 and is a masterpiece work of Milan-based architects from Studio Italo Rota. Uniquely designed, the exterior glows a pink color at night and the writing of Sandro Penn covers the see-through panels at the entrance. Moreover, sound insulation creates an atmosphere that is perfect for some quiet reading or studying.

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