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Looking to Visit the Imperial War Museum – Get Some Tips

A visit to the Imperial War Museum isn’t just useful, but important also. It reveals insight into the darkest period in mankind’s history. The Imperial War Museum aims to record a part of the numerous disastrous wars and clashes in both the past and current occasions. This museum shows the world in an entirely different light to all the visitors who come here.

 The Imperial War Museum was in Crystal Palace at Sydenham Hill in 1920 when it opened its doors to the general public. From that point onwards, the museum has been moved and been renovated on many occasions. In the long run, it moved to its present location which is the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Lambeth Road.

The Imperial War Museum is a “family” of five unique museums which includes the following:

  • Churchill War Rooms
  • The HMS Belfast
  • Imperial War Museum North in Trafford (Greater Manchester)
  • The Imperial War Museum Duxford.
Looking to Visit the Imperial War Museum – Get Some Tips
Looking to Visit the Imperial War Museum – Get Some Tips

What Does Imperial War Museum Has In Store

Its numerous displays talk about everything starting from the First and Second World Wars to the 9/11 incident. It also displays the wars in Korea, Northern Ireland, Falklands, and much more. The war museum also focuses on clashes between Britain and the Commonwealth. It even displays the job that ladies in Britain undertook during the time of war.

The War Museum also holds open talks and brief exhibitions quite frequently. They are an intelligent showcase for all the youngsters and even the grown-ups to appreciate the virtual books, recordings, and notable games of the past era.

Imperial War Museum Highlights

Before entering the structure, visitors get a warm welcome with the 15-inch maritime firearms at the museum’s passageway. Thereafter they enter the amazing Central Hall which highlights tanks, weapons, and airship swinging from its roof. The war museum has numerous everlasting displays. They include the Secret War, Lord Ashcroft Gallery, and the Extraordinary Heroes. The Holocaust presentation is an absolute must-see for all the visitors.

There is an additional display in the museum on Wrongdoings Against Humanity. It informs the visitors on the destruction of the past times and how the world came to near extinction. It also includes the beginning of the Special Force, MI6, and MI5 era. In case you’re fortunate, during your visit to the war museum you may even be able to attend the open talk session. In this session, you will get a chance to interact with individuals who have had the experience firsthand.

Looking to Visit the Imperial War Museum – Get Some Tips
Looking to Visit the Imperial War Museum – Get Some Tips

Other Amazing Features

Other than the various showcases, displays, and occasions the war museum has a range of other remarkable portion to showcase which includes:

  • A portion of the Berlin Wall
  • A little pair of youngsters’ shoes from one of the freed Nazi death camps
  • A Snatch Land Rover from Iraq
  • World War II publicity notices
  • A suicide vest from a “would-be” plane
  • Accumulations of a portion of the primary atomic rockets
  • An Argentine surgical table from the Falklands
  • Entertainments of a World War I channel
  • The V-1 and V-2 rockets which were utilized by Germany to bomb London

Some Tips 

If you are visiting the War Museum, then you should visit each and every section of the museum. They have a great deal of information that I am sure you never knew about. The museum has great variety of options for kids as well as grown-ups.

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